Educational Offerings

Dr. Satodiya holds an academic faculty appointment with Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at New York University. He is committed to nurturing the next generation of mental health professionals and enhance mental health literacy in society. He instructs psychiatry trainees at renowned institutions like New York University and, through national psychiatric organizations, mentors emerging medical graduates. His teaching equips them with essential clinical insights and skills, reflecting his passion for molding future clinicians of excellence.

Beyond his practice, Dr. Satodiya is a sought-after community speaker, advocating for mental health awareness. His talks not only break down stigmas

but also inspire youth, families, and communities facing mental challenges. He ardently accepts speaking roles, aiming to promote a holistic understanding of mental well-being and enhance community resilience.

Educational Offerings

  • Speaking Events: Delivering compelling and educational talks that resonate with diverse audiences ensuring broad outreach.

  • Specialized Workshops: Facilitate high caliber mental health workshops ensuring deep insights, team cohesion, and fortifying resilience.

  • Skill-building Seminars: Offering tools and techniques for professionals, caregivers, and individuals to navigate and comprehend the mental health ramifications of daily life challenges, wellness during trying times.

  • Mental Health Promotion: Addressing pivotal topics to elevate understanding and dispel misconceptions and stigma related to psychiatric conditions, thereby enhancing the pursuit of appropriate care.

  • Institution Engagements: Focused presentations and consultation to suit the distinctive requirements of educational entities, staff, and communities, bolstering educators' and parents' abilities to foster nurturing environments for children and youth. Education and solutions to care givers’ and educators’ burnouts in schools, colleges, and universities.

  • Professional Advisory Services: Providing expert mental health guidance for the planning and implementation of health programs and contributing to community well-being resources. Offering meticulous content review expertise for psychiatric resources.

  • Strategic Collaboration: Welcoming alliances with institutions or groups seeking to enrich their mental health curriculum, training or professional development.